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what's that in my shoe?

Name: Aaron Steven Shaw Harry Otto Leroy Evans... The Second (my parents ripped me from the orphanage).
Astrological sign: ===D
Location: in my skin
Date of last menstrual cycle: oh, I don’t really know. A long time ago, my bike broke.


Favorite music genre: country rap
Favorite song: I Pimp Slapped Mah Pig
Favorite color: Ballsack green
Favorite thing to do in your spare time: fill out applications
Favorite food: water

I wanna know

Tell me 3 things a gorilla can do on mars that it can't do on Earth: aliens, the aliens’ wives and mars.
If I were to spring off of a giant marshmallow into a pool of butter what would happen?: I’d smack you for wasting butter
School uniforms are: what I wear when I go menstrual cycling with my uncle suzy
I like to lick on lollipops because: it feels better than sticking them in my butt....sometimes
The only way to kill a giraffe is to: put a lollipop in its butt (after im done licking it)
What do you think of when you look at a stop sign: whoa.
Why do you think you're random?: because look! Skdfhkhdfkjew
Has anyone ever told you you were crazy?: ahahha, you you. Uh, yeah, or no

Which is better, and why

Hotdogs or hamburgers: hotdogs, its starts with an H
mustard or mayonnaise: mayonaise, mustard is concentrated piss
pink or purple: purple, pink is for flaming straights
roosters or chickens: roosters, because I said so
tennis balls or baseballs: baseballs because 2 is balls and 10is toes. Liars
football or hockey: football, ADD and an invisible puck don’t work too well together.

word ASSociation

car: Kevorlette sidewalker
left: behind
bean: refried
rectangle: Mexicorn
sun: fuck you
leather: panths

my picture is my icon. It doesn’t matter though. I broke a rule before I read the rules and called a current member a fucktard in a response I posted 5 minutes ago, so I figure my chances of being accepted are already pretty slim. I promise though, if I’m accepted, I will probably hardly ever post here. My nipples are hard, I need heat.
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