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Astrological sign: that freaky lil goat fish thingy...wtf is up with that anyways..why would a goat and a fish ever wanna fuck i mean thats just wrong...i wonder who was on top...
Location: gay ass massachusetts
Date of last menstrual cycle: omg eww lets not think of such icky thingss ew ew ew...actually its today if you really wanna know


Favorite music genre: classic rock
Favorite song: lola - the kinks
Favorite color: white...cause its all the colors...ha! beat that bitch! ii wiiiiin
Favorite thing to do in your spare time:spin around in circles junk like that
Favorite food: taquiiiitos...or easy mac...anything you can microwave

I wanna know

Tell me 3 things a gorilla can do on mars that it can't do on Earth: 1. wear one of those cool astronaut suits without being ridiculed...i mean if the other gorillas on earth saw him in an astronaut suit theyd be like you freak! and laugh him out of the jungle....but if hes on mars hed be a space gorilla and it would just be accepted.  2. umm well obviously it could play with all the cool aliens.  3.  Eat gumballs all day long everyday cause as we all know mars is where the gumball plantations are.
If I were to spring off of a giant marshmallow into a pool of butter what would happen?:  wait...you have a giant marshmellow...why would you ever ever eveeer in a million years want to leave it????
School uniforms are:  ooh hot lil school girl! yesss!  i want oneee
I like to lick on lollipops because: theyre fun and prettyful  and if you  get blue razzberry it turns your mouth blue!
The only way to kill a giraffe is to: tie its neck in a knot and then it will just keel over and die....ive always wanted to do that
What do you think of when you look at a stop sign: speed up
Why do you think you're random?:  cause sometimes people will be talking about like how much they hate mrs kullmon and i'll be like  hey!!  do you like to teapot???!!  and everyone looks at me funny...

Has anyone ever told you you were crazy?: ahahahahahaha

Which is better, and why

Hotdogs or hamburgers: hamburgers...cause umm hot dogs are made off all the leftover nasty parts that no one wants to eat and they sweep it off the killing floor and put it in a blender and then stuff it inside and intestine...or something like that
mustard or mayonnaise: mayo!!! mayo mayo mayo mayo mayo mayo mayo....thats why motherfucker
pink or purple: piiiiiiiiink!!!!!!  its the color of strawberry lollipops and pink cotton candy and grapefruit juice even though grapefruits are gross and they dont taste like grapes...thats so confusing to have grapes that are a kind of fruit and then grapefruit...god it makes my brain hurt.  one time i ate an olive cause i thought it was a grape...it wasnt...it was wicked gross
roosters or chickens: hahahaha oohhh maaan my class had to go on this wicked gay trip to a fucking farmm and someone picked up a chicken and threw it at my headd  and i ran away screaming it was the scariest moment of my life...oh right but umm...roosters cause though go coooocladoooodledoo  and have you ever in your life seen a cooler word than cockadoodledoo
tennis balls or baseballs:  tennis balls...cause they BOUNCE!! durrr
football or hockey: hockey cause they have sticks that they can beat people with

word ASSociation

car: hahahahaha you capitalized ass!! ahahaha
left: right
bean: fatso
rectangle: eeeewwww
sun: the itsy bitsy spider
leather: yum


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