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What's that in my shoe, father?


Name:  Sam B.
Age: 17
Astrological sign: Aquaaaarriiiiuuuussssss
Location:  Chicago
Date of last menstrual cycle:  I'm a man, so about one week ago.


Favorite music genre:  Fluctuates.  Hardcore punk was the last one.  Now it's folk.
Favorite song:  "Hobo Chang Ba" by Captain Beefheart
Favorite color:  Orange.  This is the best application ever.
Favorite thing to do in your spare time:  Experiment with psychoactive chemicals, drive around
Favorite food:  Artichokes.

I wanna know

Tell me 3 things a gorilla can do on mars that it can't do on Earth:  1) Eat a Mars banana.  2) Float
3)  Invade Earth with laser beams
If I were to spring off of a giant marshmallow into a pool of butter what would happen?:  I would eat myself, beacase, well, you know.
School uniforms are:  Ribbed for your pleasure.
I like to lick on lollipops because:  Boss says if I don't finish all of these lollipops by Tuesday he will repossess my mother.
The only way to kill a giraffe is to:  Strangle it during sex.
What do you think of when you look at a stop sign:  DOLE/KEMP '96
Why do you think you're random?:  Yes!  Lots of times!
Has anyone ever told you you were crazy?:  Only when they wake up in my basement.

Which is better, and why

Hotdogs or hamburgers:  Hot dogs, and you damn well know why.
mustard or mayonnaise:  I loathe and despise them both.  But if I had to choose, I would cut myself until I passed out, because they both suck.
pink or purple:  Pink.  More macho.
roosters or chickens:  Roosters.  Bacause they go on top of the fence post.  The chickens go in my tummy, and then I poop them out again.  Except for the nutrients, which I save and then poop out later.  So roosters then.
tennis balls or baseballs:  Tennis balls, bacause this totally hot babe I know plays tennis.  She's really hot.  Trust me on this one.
football or hockey:  Tennis.

word ASSociation

car:  godzilla
left: mother
bean: coca
rectangle: chunga's Revenge
sun:  kill
leather: pleather

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