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What's in my fuggin' shoe


Name:Mr. Blob
Astrological sign:Taurus
Location:Tuscaloosa Al
Date of last menstrual cycle:I ain't a fuggin' girl you retard


Favorite music genre:The kind that doesn't suck
Favorite song:Mr. Blob, dumbshit
Favorite color:white
Favorite thing to do in your spare time:look at porn or kill things.
Favorite food:Your mother

I wanna know

Tell me 3 things a gorilla can do on mars that it can't do on Earth:I can tell you 3 things I do to you if you asked me in person. First I'd find yer best friend and kill slowly in front of you. Then I'd rape his/her corpse. Finally, I'd eat cheese dip and take a nap.
If I were to spring off of a giant marshmallow into a pool of butter what would happen?: Ok...this is stupid. Go To Hell.
School uniforms are:Only cool on that guy in AC/DC, and Japanese school girls
I like to lick on lollipops because:I don't have arms, stupid.
The only way to kill a giraffe is to:Wait. There are PLENTY of ways to kill a giraffe.
What do you think of when you look at a stop sign: A reason to make a cop get out of his car in the rain.
Why do you think you're random?: I think being 1 and a half feet tall with no arms is pretty goddamned random. What do you think?
Has anyone ever told you you were crazy?: Do you mean living people.

Which is better, and why

Hotdogs or hamburgers:Hamburgers, because I refuse to eat anything that ressembles a dick.
mustard or mayonnaise:Neither you sick fuck!
pink or purple:Purple 'cause wine is purple.
roosters or chickens:chickens 'cause umm... who cares
tennis balls or baseballs:Baseballs, they hurt more when bean someone with them.
football or hockey:Hockey, there's something endearing about people fighting on ice.

word ASSociation

rectangle:this is boring
leather:yer mom's ass

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