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What's that in my shoe?

Name: Kirsty April Ann Meredith ( K. A. A. M )
Age: 16
Astrological sign: Aries
Location: Newtownards, N.Ireland 
Date of last menstrual cycle: 19th March


Favorite music genre: Psychotrance.
Favorite song: Hux Flux - Logic Bomb
Favorite color: Olive Green
Favorite thing to do in your spare time: Get happy on Diet Coke whilst prancing around Belfast.
Favorite food: Hunny Porridge.  Beaut.

I wanna know

Tell me 3 things a gorilla can do on mars that it can't do on Earth:  1. Cover itself in red dust and pretend to be a apple.  2.  Give the whole planet earth the finger.  3.  Find out why Mars bars are called what they are by closer investigation.         
If I were to spring off of a giant marshmallow into a pool of butter what would happen?:  I was going to say get fat instantly, but nah...I say you would have a butter pool party with your friends who are currently fudge, toffee and chocolatte.

School uniforms are:  Since I have to wear them one word....Haggard.
I like to lick on lollipops because:  It gives you time to think and you get lost in the trance of it all easily.
The only way to kill a giraffe is to:  Make its black tongue white.
What do you think of when you look at a stop sign:  Dali's art. 
Why do you think you're random?:  I feel a sense of not belonging in this world and feel that I have been put here to watch not to injure. 
Has anyone ever told you you were crazy?:  Yes....indeed but not in a pessimistic way.

Which is better, and why

Hotdogs or hamburgers:  Hotdogs.  Very Retro.
mustard or mayonnaise:  Mustard.  Happier colour.
pink or purple:  Purple.  It neither fits into warm or cold colours.  Tres Unique. 
roosters or chickens:  Roosters.  They already have fame easy, ask Corn Flakes.

tennis balls or baseballs:  Tennis Balls.  Lime green rocks.
football or hockey:  Hockey.  More power to the men with sticks!

word ASSociation

car: danger (I was hit by a car 2 months ago)
left: uncommon
bean: movement
rectangle: logic
sun: life
leather: cold

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